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Supply Chain Design

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Supply Chains, especially global supply chains, are complex structures that involve several firms crossing multiple time zones and continents. The design of a supply chain is critical to its overall success, and ultimately, the firm’s success.

This supply chain management course will cover all aspects of supply chain design. This course is the second of three in the Supply Chain Management MITx XSeries that is specifically designed to teach the critical skills needed to be successful in this exciting field.

We will start with learning how to design for the flow of the physical products or the goods. Variously referred to as Network Design, Facility Location, or Flow Optimization, the physical design is a core requirement for any supply chain planner.

Following this, we will dive into the design of the financial flows involved with supply chains. Specifically, you will learn how to translate supply chain terms and metrics into financial terms used in the C-suite.

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Course date: 28-03-2018 12:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Location Tanzania Global Learning Agency (TaGLA)