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Strategic Negotiation for Senior Officers - VC Based


The purpose of this course/workshop is to equip participants with knowledge and skills in the art of negotiation in order for them to be more effective in handling the frequent demands on top managers resulting from negotiations. The workshop treats negotiation as a complex process that requires the successful practitioner to develop and utilize a unique blend of perceptual, analytical, and inter-personal  skills.



Workshop/ course content

The concept of the Workshop will cover:-

oDefinition of and rationale for strategic negotiations ;
oDistinction between negotiation, arbitration, mediation and talks;
oHow to devise a negotiation strategy (8-step process);
oTechniques to keep negotiation meetings moving;
oFactors that lead to bottlenecks in strategic negotiations;
oPersonal negotiation styles, their advantages and disadvantages ; and
oFactors to consider when developing a toolkit of strategic negotiation skills.

 Course/workshop delivery

The program shall be delivered in real time Video Conferencing through the Kenya School of Government - eLearning. Participants shall be engaged through short interactive presentations, case studies, exercises and discussions. Each module shall take 5hours of interaction and feedback.


 Proposed duration and method:

The workshop is designed to last 25 hours in total. There will be five  hour sessions, one session a day, with emphasis on examples of real cases. In the five (5) days, the participants will be engaged in interactive learning, tackling topics which include the rationale of strategic negotiations; bottlenecks in strategic negotiations; techniques of negotiations; personal negotiation styles; and developing a toolkit for strategic negotiations.



Target group

The workshop outline targets Government and Agency Executive Officers; directors, assistant directors; senior and middle level managers including; and senior and middle level Legal Officers from all sectors as well as any others who expect to be part of good contracts negotiation teams.


Dates : 10th  to 14th December,  2018

VENUE : TaGLA, IFM BLOCK “A”,  Dar Es Salaam

Course Properties

Course date: 10-12-2018 9:00 am
Course End Date: 14-12-2018 2:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Location Tanzania Global Learning Agency (TaGLA)
We are no longer accepting registration for this event