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Multimedia courses are typical computer based trainings, they vary from basic computer application to professional computer related programme such as CISCO, I TIL,  etc


The objective of the program is to enhance the role and impact of the TaGLA in connecting practitioners, policy-makers, academics, students and facilitators of development; and to provide a multi-dimensional approach to learning about Korea’s development experiences. The experience sharing will be done using the Video Conferencing.

Who should Attend

Managers, Human Resource Officers, general development practitioners and stakeholders who are currently involved in the development area.

Time:  (9.00 to 12.00 noon EAT).

Fees:  Sponsored Program





Public Human Resource Management in Korea:  A Historical Perspective

30 May ‘19 (Thurs)


The Korean Civil Service System: HRM Practices

20 June ‘19 (Thurs)


Performance Evaluation of Civil Servants and Incentive Systems

27 June ‘19 (Thurs)


Performance Management System in Government: At the Agency Level

11 July ‘19 (Thurs)


Performance Management System of Governmental Budgetary Programs

25 July ‘19 (Thurs)


Enhancing Public Service Performance through E-Government 

10 Sept ‘19 (Tues)


Wrap-Up: Lessons & Implications (Presentation by each DLC)

16 Sept ‘19 (Thurs)

Course date: 20-06-2019 9:00 am
Course End Date: 20-06-2019 12:00 pm
Capacity: Unlimited


Over the past 10 years, the Government experienced various challenges in effective management of Human Resource and Payroll operations. Among the challenges include ineffective and outdated HR and Payroll business processes that led to delays in effecting changes on various personnel actions including promotions, transfer, pay and exit from the payroll. In response to these challenges, various reforms; aimed at reforming the business processes and putting in place effective systems and structures to manage Human Resource and Payroll were introduced.

In harnessing the opportunities provided by Information and Communications Technology, an integrated Human Resource and Payroll management system, known as Human Capital Management Information Systems- HCMIS was implemented as a tool for effective management of HR and Payroll in the Public Service.

Objectives of the Workshop

The objective of this workshop is :-

To empower employers and the government as a whole with correct and up-to-date HR and Payroll data and information of the employees they manage for effective decision making.
To ensure that new public servants are entered into the payroll and are paid timely.
To ensure that any personnel action to the public servants is effected accordingly and triggers salary changes promptly.
To ensure that all existing public service‘s HR and Payroll guidelines and procedures are always enforced during changes on employee status.
To eliminate the prolonged salary arrears problem in the Public Service.
To eliminate critical problems of ghost workers in the Public Service.

Course/workshop delivery

The program shall be delivered at Tanzania Global Learning Agency (TaGLA)’s premises. Each participant will have access to the system and practice in the real time. Participants shall be engaged through short interactive presentations, case studies, exercises and discussions.


Target group

The workshop outline targets Officers on Government institution and Agency Executive Officers; Human Resource Officer (HRO) and Administrative Officers (ADO) from Local government  and Independent Government Departments. Only Government Officers from Tanzania Mainland.

Proposed duration and method:

The workshop is designed to last 80 hours in total. The workshop will be provided in both theoretical and practical.

Dates & time: 15th to 26th July, 2019


VENUE : TaGLA, Dar Es Salaam, IFM BLOCK “A”,

Course date: 15-07-2019 8:00 am
Course End Date: 26-07-2019 4:00 pm
Capacity: Unlimited