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In today's competitive business environment, good relations are essential to secure thriving business and an effective tool for cutting costs. This course emphasis the role that each person plays towards good customer relations and service provision within their organization. Time will be spent on developing participants’ telephone and conversation skills, analyzing areas for self-improvement so that each participant takes away a personal action plan.

In order to create customer satisfaction, you need to go beyond good customer service and exceed your customers’ expectations with exceptional service.


Equipping participants with skills in handling difficult customers; how to ensure that your personal style helps not hinders; gain confidence in dealing with different types of people on the telephone; and turn complaints into opportunities, with the aim of maintaining the satisfaction and loyalty of existing and new customers.


Upon completion of this customer service course, you will know the essential factors that are important in customer service and develop a customer-friendly approach that is right for your business. You will be aware of the do's and don'ts when dealing with customers, and the benefits of providing great customer service.


A highly interactive mode of training will be adopted to make the training not only KNOWLEDGE ORIENTED AND INFORMATIVE but also EXCITING and ENTERTAINING throughout five days.

Some of the modalities will include: -

Brief PowerPoint presentations ;
Individual & group assignments and presentations ;
Role plays (inside and outside the training venue) ;

Case studies, video clips, music, pictures, diagrams, illustrations and DAILY SURPRISE TIP from TaGLA KNOWLEDGE Bank.

Targeting audience:


The workshop targets low and middle cadre officers who attend to clients in their everyday work, the front desk officers in private and public sectors.

Course date: 05-06-2017 8:30 am
Course End Date: 09-06-2017 4:30 pm
Capacity: Unlimited

Workshop Overview

Participants will learn about the key law on employment standards at the workplace, including employment contracts, employee rights, employees’ representation rights, collective bargaining, strikes, lockouts, handling disputes and labor arbitration; concerns that can affect the image, growth and development of an organisation.

Workplace disputes and handling of disputes has been a growing concern in the market. This workshop offers an opportunity to get the know-how on dispute management. Participants will also learn and obtain basic skills on labour arbitration; as this may be encountered when disputes are referred to the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration.

Workshop Outcomes

At the end of this workshop participants will learn the following:

·      Employment Standards (Contracts of Employment, working hours, remuneration and leave etc);

·      Code of Good Practice - Employment and Labour Relations (Code of Good Practice) Rules, G.N. No.42 of 2007;

·      Trade Union and Organization Rights;

·      Collective Bargaining;

·      Strikes and Lockouts;

·      Dispute Prevention and Resolution;

·      An understanding of the difference between Mediation, Arbitration and Adjudication

·      Be able to draft an arbitration clause;

·      Be able to prepare evidential material(s) for a case in Arbitration.

Training Methodology

Presentation, group discussions, case studies, questions and answer sessions to help learn and retain information.

Target Audience


CEO’S, Directors, Managers, Finance and Administration Managers, Human Resource officers, Senior officers, Consultants, Business owners facing difficulties in handling labour matters and  those that have not had legal training and who want to gain an awareness on arbitration.

Course date: 05-06-2017 8:30 am
Course End Date: 09-06-2017 4:30 pm
Capacity: Unlimited

Course Description:

Cyber Security and Information Intelligence workshop aims in providing awareness, understanding and experience in dealing with Cyber Attacks which seems potential targeting our companies and government bodies that are now technologically interconnected. The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber security threats including targeting phishing scams, data theft, and other online vulnerabilities demand that we remain vigilant about securing our systems and information. With the right level of preparation and specialist external assistance, it is possible to control damages and recover from a cyber breach and its consequences.

Workshop Objective:

The objective of this workshop is to provide an understanding and acquiring general awareness about cyber security; Acquiring some hands-on experience on how to effectively carry out corporate cyber security; Participants will acquire knowledge on the Internet policies and cyber security; Participants will also be gaining oversight on tools and technique to overcome the risks of cyber security so as to enhance their daily controls, monitoring and prevention of information and system.

Workshop Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to gain the general overview of cyber security, tools and techniques used in cyber attacks, defensive methods for companies and government institutions, Internet policies and cyber security and Legal aspects for cyber security.


A highly interactive mode of training will be adopted to make the training not only KNOWLEDGE ORIENTED but also participants will have adequate opportunity to share their experiences, learning points and challenges. 

Target audience:


The workshop will be very useful to computer security personnel and technical support personnel, system administrators, system analyst, network programmers, database administrators, network administrators, network engineers, IT managers, IT Auditors and all IT stakeholders from private and public sectors. Military and police personnel are highly encouraged to attend this workshop.

Course date: 05-06-2017 8:30 am
Course End Date: 09-06-2017 4:30 pm
Capacity: Unlimited


Over the past 10 years, the Government experienced various challenges in effective management of Human Resource and Payroll operations. Among the challenges include ineffective and outdated HR and Payroll business processes that led to delays in effecting changes on various personnel actions including promotions, transfer, pay and exit from the payroll. In response to these challenges, various reforms; aimed at reforming the business processes and putting in place effective systems and structures to manage Human Resource and Payroll were introduced.

In harnessing the opportunities provided by Information and Communications Technology, an integrated Human Resource and Payroll management system, known as Human Capital Management Information Systems- HCMIS was implemented as a tool for effective management of HR and Payroll in the Public Service.

Objectives of the Workshop

The objective of this workshop is :-

To empower employers and the government as a whole with correct and up-to-date HR and Payroll data and information of the employees they manage for effective decision making.
To ensure that new public servants are entered into the payroll and are paid timely.
To ensure that any personnel action to the public servants is effected accordingly and triggers salary changes promptly.
To ensure that all existing public service‘s HR and Payroll guidelines and procedures are always enforced during changes on employee status.
To eliminate the prolonged salary arrears problem in the Public Service.
To eliminate critical problems of ghost workers in the Public Service.

 Course/workshop delivery


The program shall be delivered at Tanzania Global Learning Agency (TaGLA)’s premises. Each participant will have access to the system and practice in the real time. Participants shall be engaged through short interactive presentations, case studies, exercises and discussions. 


Target group

The workshop outline targets Officers on Government institution and Agency Executive Officers; Human Resource Officer (HRO) and Administrative Officers (ADO) from Local government  and Independent Government Departments.

Proposed duration and method:

The workshop is designed to last 80 hours in total. The workshop will be provided in both theoretical and practical.

Dates & time: 12th  to 23th  June, 2017



Course date: 12-06-2017 8:30 am
Course End Date: 23-06-2017 4:30 pm
Capacity: Unlimited

Workshop Overview

The best leader grows on the job and earns the right to lead by coming to understand the role, the responsibilities, the requirements and the people. The best leader practices continual self-development and self-management in the knowledge and skills of leadership. Individual coaching is the best way to improve and leverage leadership productivity and performance. We help mid to senior level professionals “go to the next level” by developing practices and learning tools to improve trust, communication, resolve conflict and their ability to lead teams in productive collaboration.

Our unique Seattle executive coaching approach allows clients to have an active day- to- day partner –often helping clients address team development challenges while they are doing work with their teams. Our career coaching allows professionals to make choices in times of transition that equate to success in the long run and includes important coaching practice for successful interviewing.


Workshop objectives:

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

·         Developing important skills as a leader, manager, supervisor and coach

·         Understand various human behavior models and your role as a leader

·         High Performance Leadership: From Control to Empowerment

·         Recognize the benefits of coaching

·         The Link between Leadership, Team Building and Coaching at work place.

·          Identify the role of the coach

·         Understand the techniques involved in successful coaching

·         Use coaching effectively to improve employee performance

·         Recognize and use guidelines for giving positive feedback and constructive criticism.

·         Develop team goals based on the business vision

·         Develop a plan for coaching an employee.

·         A practical and pragmatic approach to coaching and mentoring team members in a performance environment.

·         This workshop will not make you an expert coach/mentor, although it will lay a foundation for continued improvement.

·         Understand what makes a team effective

·         Develop motivational coaching skills and consulting coaching skills

·         Develop communication, performance feedback and active listening skills

Deal with difficult team members

Target Audience:


Directors, Commissioners, Managers, Supervisors, team leaders and Senior Officers.


Course date: 12-06-2017 8:30 am
Course End Date: 16-06-2017 4:30 pm
Capacity: Unlimited