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April 2, 2020

 15:00 PM (Korea Time) 9.00 Tanzania’s Time

n  Objectives                                                                                                                

After the first GDLN Global Knowledge Sharing on the Impact and Responses to the Coronavirus (COVID 19) session on March 16, 2020, there has been an increasing demand to share our discussions with other parts of the world in our efforts to combat the spread of this global pandemic. This session includes hearing from experts in Asia Pacific who can speak to their respective countries’ experiences containing and combatting the virus and the impact it has had. This session will also focus on how countries in Africa can effectively prepare to contain and combat COVID 19 and hear from GDLN African affiliates on what policy measures are currently being taken in their countries.

n  Program Outline

Introduction to the GDLN Coronavirus Video Conference: (Moderated by Professor Hai-young Yun, KDI School)

1. WHO Sri Lankan/Regional Office: 10 minute presentation

·         Speaker: Dr. Sapumal Dhanapala of WHO, Update on the WHO’s Recommendations for Containment and Managing COVID-19 for African Countries

2. Australia: 10 minute presentation

·         Speaker Prof. Kamalini Lokuge of Australia National University, TBD

 3. Singapore: 10 minute presentation

·                              Speaker: Dr. Jayant Menon of (ISEAS/ADB), Discussing the global economic impact of the COVID-19: Implications for    Developing Economies

4. Tanzania: 10 minute presentation:

·         Speaker Dr. Khalid Massa, Member of the Coronavirus National Task Force of Tanzania

·         Participants should register and participate at Tanzania Global learning Centre (TaGLC).

Q&A: 30 minutes

*The speakers and topics are subject to change

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Course date: 02-04-2020 9:00 am
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