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The need for an efficient and effective records management system cannot be overemphasized; it is an issue that cuts across all areas of public sector management, administration, legal and judicial reforms. It underpins the basis for accountability.

Well kept records and well functioning records management systems are also important for effective delivery of ser-vices to public in all areas of public services; since it facilitates the deci-sion making process and forms an essential component of the operational environment required for the execution of effec-tive policies and programmes.


The workshop will address the entire spectrum of basic principles and practices of records keeping and records management throughout the record lifecycle in both paper and electronic records management. The programme is also aimed at imparting working knowledge, professional skill, practical experience and increased awareness of the importance, range and scope of records and information management to all participants. Skills in analysing, designing and maintaining efficient records management programme with special emphasis on the improving organisational service delivery will be developed.

Training Methodology

The training method will be highly participative with group discussions and case studies where by experiences from the participants will be drawn. In addition participants will have opportunity to visit and witness the most successful organisation to learn the best practices. Participants will also have an opportunity to effectively identify the contending weaknesses of their registries and practically try to propose solutions for improvement. Each participants will prepare a workable action plan in reflection to the lesson learn and Ideal situation in their respective offices.

Target group

This workshop is suitable for all Records Supervisors and Custodians whose duty is to create, use and maintaining organisational records/Information such as Records Management Assistants/Officers, Human Resource Officers, IT experts, Executive Assistants and Administrative Officers.

Venue: Morogoro

Dates: 12th to 16th November 2018

Course Properties

Course date: 12-11-2018 12:00 am
Course End Date: 16-11-2018 12:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
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