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Wakala ya Mafunzo kwa Njia ya Mtandao (TaGLA) kwa kushirikiana na Hospitali za Continetal India, wamefanya Mdahalo wa Kitaaluma kwa njia ya video (videoconference) kuhusu Upasuaji kwa ajili ya Kurekebisha Maumbile na Urembo (Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction).  Mdahalo huo uliendeshwa na Daktari Rajeshi Vasu ambaye ni Bingwa wa Upasuaji wa kurekebisha  mwili na Urembo ambaye pia ni Mkuu wa idara hiyo katika hosiptali za Continental nchini India.

Washiriki wakiwa TaGLA, Dar es Salaam walikuwa Madaktari, Wasomi, Kampuni za Bima za Afya na wanataaluma ambao waliomba kuwepo na muendelezo ili kupata ufahamu zaidi juu ya huduma hizo muhimu. Kwa maelezo zaidi https://youtube.be/Hmo7xiDvB_w

Mr. Priscus Kiwango, the Director of ICT from Presidents Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance (PO-PSM GG) in Dodoma addressing participants attending Human Resource Capital Management Information System (HCMIS) training through video conference  at TaGLA, Dar es Salaam. 

Participants were Human Resource and Administrative Officers from Government Ministries, Departments Agencies and Local Government District and Municipal level. The training equipped participants with skills that will enable handling human resource issues efficiently. 

Tanzania through TaGLA participate in Africa Regional Meeting of the Association of African Development Learning Centres (AADLC) in eLearning Africa 2019 held in Cote d’Ivoire 

The 14th International Conference and Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training and Skills development (eLearning Africa) was held in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. https://www.elearning-africa.com/


TaGLA played a pivotal role in collaboration with other AADLC officials as a partner to this event. For more information visit. tagla.go.tz


High level delegates from Zimbabwe Public Service Commission (ZPSC) attending a Video Conference official meeting in Dar Es Salaam with Tanzania’s President’s Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance (PO-PSM GG) Officials in Dodoma via TaGLA Video Conference facility.

The delegates visited Tanzania as learning session following up official state visit by Zimbabwe President, Hon. Ammerson Mnangagwa who visited Tanzania last year, aimed to experience sharing on Tanzania Human Capital Management System currently used for public Servants.


Attending the final GDLN Seminar on Public Sector Performance   Management through Tanzania Global Learning Agency video conference facilities. Participants from Tanzania joined other participants from Kenya, Uganda, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia to attend live videoconference Seminar Series delivered by KDI School of Public Policy and Development in Korea.  The Seminar covered lessons on various dimensions of the public sector performance
management system, highlighting some of remarkable lessons in Korea and from other country experience. The program consisted of seven GDLN videoconference seminars that were
delivered over a five-month period. 

A Tobacco Cessation: a Video Conference based Seminar conducted Tanzania DLC – TaGLA with Dr.Surabhi Somani from Continental Hospital in India presented on a Tobacco Cessation on how to aid people in quitting tobacco. She presented not only medication which treats chemical imbalance but on applied different alternate techniques to balance the negative energy which helps users to have a tobacco free life.

She initiated her tobacco cessation journey in 2011 with Public health foundation of India and her passion for tobacco cessation led her to found her own venture – Toxin Taxation to make a larger impact to society. Dr. Somani sighted adverse side effects on second hand smokers and third party smokers and research data on Tabora women using tobacco for family planning which in turn affects genetics of individuals with negative effects.

The session was attended by Professional Medical Doctors, Cardiac specialists, Medical Students, Smokers, anti smoking activists, faith based organization and the general public linking Tanzania and India through videoconference.

TaGLA is planning to host a series of videoconference seminars in collaboration with Continental Hospital, India on similar topics and other areas on Plastic Surgery, cardiology, Cancer Treatment, and Dengue fever.

Participants attending the global dialogue on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) held at Tanzania DLC – Tanzania Global Learning Agency Office located at IFM Building, Dar es Salaam.Tanzania. The participants from Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Korea and Tanzania linked through videoconference.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an ambitious programme to connect Asia with Africa and Europe through land and maritime networks with the aim of improving regional integration, increasing trade and stimulating economic growth. The dialogue aimed at informing and giving deeper understanding of the BRI programme to participants.